Bomb Ass Wellness Stuff Coming to My Mat

Bomb Ass Wellness Stuff Coming to My Mat

Peace family, 

Welcome back to Holistic Melanin.  If you're new here, what's up? My name is Shavonne and I make a variety of content helping women  to live their best life in the most holistic manner possible.

Today I'm going to be talking about the things that I'll be testing out during the month of April. This is supposed to be a monthly series, but I had a few things going on during February. I switched back to squarespace, left one of my jobs and really sat down to decide what I want to with my future. I'll share more about those last two later.

The idea here is each month, I’ll be informing you on the things I’ll be testing out for the month. If they serve me well, they’ll make it into my monthly favorites and my capsule collections. If they don’t, you’ll never hear about them again.

Some of these items might be repeats from February just restarted or reincorporated in a different way because they might not have fit into my life initially.


Things I’m Trying Out for My Body: 

  • Saige and Ivy Natural Deodorant Spray: If you’ve been a supporter for a while, then you know I’m constantly on the hunt for the “perfect” natural deodorant. The wonderful Brittney behind Saige and Ivy reached out to me to let me test her product. It’s natural and it’s a black woman owned business, which is two major points for me. I’ll be posting a full video testing the spray out.
  • Buti Foundations : Now I won't lie to you, this was something I intended to start last month. Then I realized I was overextending myself in every direction. Two jobs, and school full time left me on the floor knocked out before I even had the chance to roll out my mat. Now I have two Buti programs that I intend to work with, the first being Buti Foundations. This serie gives beginners the basics of Buti. I’ve often felt I wasn’t sure what I was doing with Buti, so I’m excited to ty this out. Now I know you can’t change your body with exercise alone which leads my next point
  • Intermittent Fasting: So I’ve been looking into different eating methods to help me change my body. Intermittent Fasting (IF) actually seems to be pretty easy. I’m looking at the 16:8 ratio but I can always change it. I’ve seen that IF works best if you combine it with the Keto Diet and that is a possibility for me, but I’m going to start slow.

Things I’m  Trying Out for my Home:

Pur Home Laundry Detergent: I wanted to switch up what I'm washing my clothes with. I'm almost out of my Zum Clean and decided to switch. Keisha Adinkra had made a video about Pur Home and her video prompted me to place my order. They're a black owned natural home company and that was all I needed to know. I'll be doing a full review/comparison soon.

Pur Home Multi-Surface Cleaner: I am going through a period where I want my space to reflect my internal evolution. So I’m decluttering, and working to clean all of my surfaces. Pur Home makes a multi-surface cleaner and that seemed like the most bang for my buck. I've never used a natural cleaner before but I wanted to give this one a try. 

Things I’m Trying Out for My Mind:

  • Meditation: If you read the last blog post, then you know I'm working to get myself out of this negative mental space. I told my awesome boyfriend about how I had been feeling lately and I can honestly say that letting him in felt so awesome. Now I want to work on getting myself right, and I want to start by meditating. I have a few different apps I can try and I'll update you on that soon.


  • Reading: I love reading. Always have, always will. I ran into the problem of not having enough me time when I overextended myself for the first two months of the year. This month I am taking my me time back by adding reading back into my life. I'll be posting my books of the month this week. And we can figure out how to make the #holisticbookclub happen.

Makeup I’m Trying Out: 

  • Foxy Finish Mineral Creme-to-Powder Foundation: If you saw my last video, then you know I had a little difficulty when it came to the old formulation of the Creme-to Powder foundation. The owner, Jasmine, reached out to me offered to send me the reformulated foundation. So I'll be testing it out with different applications all month long to see what sticks.
  • Sheer Transulucent Setting Powder: Now this is technically something I've had for a while. I purchased the sample size of this setting powder Lord knows how long ago. I finally decided to pick up the full size just so I can use it more routinely. Also I would lose the sample size pretty often so I thought the bigger size would help with that problem.

Things I'm Trying Out for My Spirit/Life:

  • Health Coach Training: I actually wanted to take on health coaching last year, but could never get things off the ground. I had gone as far as signing up, but things didn't pan out. On one of more rare days where I felt fully on when it came to my body, mind and soul being in alignment, I signed up for health coaching. I'm hoping to be able to apply what I learn to my life and eventually help other people.
  • Uplifted YTT: So another thing that has been on my list is to deepen my spiritual and yoga practice. I feel like there is only so much you can learn from going to your local class before you start teaching yourself or decide to take yoga teacher training. I opted to go for the second option. Now I could not figure out how to fit conventional YTT into my life and so I opted to go the Brett Larkin option. I'm so excited to actually start in August! 


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