Holistic Lifestyle Haul

It's been a while since I've brought my light tribe a haul. While I can't say that I've been on a no buy, I've honestly cut down on the amount of things that I was buying at the same time. So I have a few things for the body, mind and spirit. Basically things to enhance different aspects of my lifestyle. I'll leave links to every item down below. 20170825_220841174_iOSZum Clean Aromatherapy Laundry Soap in Frankincense-Patchouli

I wanted to find a more natural alternative to regular laundry detergent. I found the frankincense and myrrh variation in my local Vitamin Shoppe, but I wanted something that felt a little more me. I found this variation on their website alone with three others. I'll definitely be doing a full review on this later on down the line.



Zum Gifts You Pick 320170825_220706566_iOS

I've been using Zum Bars for a few years thanks to my aunt, and wanted to try more. I wanted to try a few new scents, and felt that a set would be my best option. I purchased the You Pick 3 set and decided on frankincense-lavender, frankincense-patchouli, and patchouli-orange. I'm already familiar with the patchouli-orange, because it's my current go to bar of soap. The other two are new to me. As a bonus right now, Indigo Wild is running a promo on their Instagram that gives you a free Zum bundle. The bundle is the equivalent of 3 full size bars, but you're getting chunks of different bars of soap.

Seasonal Whipped Body Butter in Honey Maple20170831_015753377_iOS

I was long overdue to pick up some new goodness from the amazing Naturalee N'Satiable. Since Winter Is Coming, I needed to grab some butters to keep me from being ashy. Out of every body butter I have ever tried, Naturalee N'Satiable has my favorite formula hands down. Then I find out that she has seasonal scents! I picked out HoneyMaple because I thought it would go with the spirit that I feel I embody.


Create Your Own Facial Products

My skin has been all over the place lately, I reached out to the lovely Tamika of Naturalee N'Satiable to see if she could help me get my skin right. I was able to have her custom create a facial wash tailored to my facial needs. It's packed full of amazing ingredients like AfricanI'll be doing a full review of this facial wash to let you know how my skin turned out.

Gems of Buddhist Wisdom and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism

Personal evolution is a part of life. Like many people that go through our education system, I learned bits and pieces about Buddhism during school. At the time I thought about getting my grade for school. Now in my mid 20s, I am seeing how Buddhism can help me with everything in my life.


That's it for this haul. If you want a full review of any of these items, drop me a comment. Until next time.

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