Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Hey Light Tribe, I posted on Instagram earlier about not really like definitions, but finding myself attracted to the word Bohemian. I find myself being attracted to this word because it resonates with me on a deeply personal level. However, someone had a problem with the image that I chose to post and criticized me on it.

So I'm going to share the posts, what was said, and how my feelings about the matter.

So I put all of the screenshots in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Now being a blogger and YouTuber, I expect stupid comments at some point in time. And normally I just ignore them. However, in the this particular case, something about his comment really got on my nerves.

"Naw theesse r jus some matrix definitions some derogatory 3d type thingz zombiez say lol"

Just typing this made my skin itch. So terrible grammar aside, what annoyed me most are the words zombie and matrix. At no point have I ever claimed to be "woke," but why do the words offbeat and bizarre mean that someone is a zombie and trapped in the matrix? Eventually the person behind the phone tried to back track, probably not expecting me to answer back, but the damage was already done.

When I describe myself consider myself a bit of a new age/spiritual/hippie chick. Which I find to be pretty uncommon among African-Americans (We're frickin' unicorns people! At least in my area). I've been told by coworkers that "I'm not what they expected for a black girl," or "I'm really just a hippie white girl on the inside," etc. So from the outside looking in, I probably am bizarre and offbeat and a bit of an oddball.


What I'm not okay with is someone going around and insulting anyone that identifies with the word "Bohemian." There's nothing wrong with being called offbeat, or bizarre or an oddball. I think we need more of us in the world. There need to be more of us that follow the cycles of the moon, use essential oils, sage their spaces, eat right, do yoga or Pilates or both. I think there is a stigma around being labelled different or weird. So many of us keep to ourselves in order to avoid being judged, not knowing that other people might be into the same things.

So take the chance, be open about who you are and let the world see you for who you are. You might meet people that are into the same things you are. You might even meet me!

Til next time,

Later Light Tribe!

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