Why I Decided to Go Plant-Based (Vegan)

Why I Decided to Go Plant-Based (Vegan)


If you saw my life update video from a few weeks ago, then you'll know I expressed an interest in going plant based.

I say plant based because it's not about the animals for me. While I do admire the men and women that have become vegan for the impact that animal farming has on our environment, that's not what drew me to a plant based lifestyle.

I made the choice to go plant based because of the impact that meat is having on my body.

I became vegetarian two years ago, and looking back on my transition now, I know that I didn't do it the right way. I didn't replace what I was removing from my diet with anything that would keep me healthy and strong.

This was me January 2015. This was me January 2015.

Within a few weeks of becoming a vegetarian, I had lost a lot of weight. And it really showed. I looked emaciated and like I was not getting a lot of sleep.

I basically became a pastatarian with a side of salad and smoothies.

(Yes I know pastatarian is a made up word.)

I got really, really sick. My mom encouraged me to go back to eating meat because she was concerned about my health.

So I did.

After a few weeks of being sick, I was back to eating poultry and seafood.

So what made me decide to change?

The first reason, is because I don't like how my body is looking. I began to stress eat during the fall of 2015. Stress eating combined with a new type of birth control made my weight skyrocket. I went from being underweight at 118 pounds to being overweight (and considered obese for my height) at 158.

I have never been athletic, but now as I am getting older, I find myself wanting to tone my body and really inhabit the body that I have been given. I want to hone my body into the best that it can be so that I can live a long and healthy life. I work at a home for the elderly and see too many people with failing bodies. I believe a lot of the conditions could be prevented by eating a plant-based diet.

The second reason was also mentioned in my Life Updates video, and that's my desire to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. I had planned to begin training in the fall, however I might put it off until I am done with school and moved into a more permanent location. If it is meant to happen, the universe will find a way to help me.

I began reading a lot of books on yoga from different teachers. And while no one has said you need to go vegan, many of them did speak about chakras and how the energy moves through the body. The more I read, the more I began to pay attention to how I feel each day. I wake up exhuasted each day and feel sluggish. I noticed that on the days where I went 80-100% plant based I had so much more energy. :)

I feel that this going to be an amazing journey for my body, mind and spirit. If you have any tofu/soy recipes you want to share, I would love to try them.

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