February Ours by BLACKJOY Review x Holistic Melanin

Hey Light Beings!

If you're familiar with my other website, or YouTube channel, then you will have seen me unbox the OURS box in the past. However, I recently decided to switch up how I do all of my subscription boxes.  Instead of just doing an unboxing, I'm going to use the items for a week or two and then give you my review of the items.

So let my give you the rundown on OURS by Blackjoy box. 

The box is $35 a month, with free priority shipping (3 day). You are charged on the day you first subscribe and on the same date each following month. Use code my code BORN to save 15% on your Blackjoy box as long as you're subscribed.

Ours by Blackjoy is as subscription service catering to women of color.  With OURS by BlackJoy, I am able to support multiple businesses owned by men and women of color.  All of the items that have come in my previous OURS boxes are cruelty-free and have the benefit of being vegan as well.  With that being said, let's get into these items.


Crown + Oils x Sistren and Seed

This oil blend is made to strengthen and condition hair follicle.  It's also meant to prevent hair loss. This oil is very light and works really well for twist outs and braid outs.  And the best part? This stuff makes me smell like a yoga studio. I'm pretty sure its the combo of essential oils within the blend.  This stuff is BOMB!

Coconut Rose Melt Body Bar x Body by Nature

Not going to lie, at first I was a little confused as how to use this.  I chopped a piece off and put it in a foot bath thinking it was an oil melt for the bath tub.  WRONG! Think of this as a solid bar of lotion, but you know...actually good for you. Now I'm not a huge fan of rose scents, but I found that it didn't linger.  It gets rid of my ashiness and makes me feel soft. I would recommend rubbing it between your hands and applying it right out of the shower before you towel off.

Crown Earrings x USHINDI22

So my job has recently cracked down on what we can wear when it comes to our uniform. Where would I be without my statement earrings?! Lucky for me, these earrings fit my requirements. They're the right amount of sass and moxie.  They just add a little bit of #blackgirlmagic to every outfit, including scrubs.

Normal Feminine Wash x the Honey Pot Co

Y'all, when I say I am in love with the washes from the Honey Pot Co., I mean it.  Now my favorite formula is actually the moisture formula, but I still have such a love for this wash.  I actually have a full video review of the wash so I'll leave that link for you.

Kecia Liquid Lipstick

This is described as a mauve matte shade.  On me it shows up as a my lips but better shade. It has a thin almost watery consistency and dries down to be completely matte. I did the kiss test, and I didn't notice any transferirng, but it will come off if you're eating oily or greasy food. 

Black Girl Magic notebook x Inclusive Randomness

This is such a cute little notebook to just throw in your bag. Unfortunately I couldn't find mine to show you what it looks like, but you can see picture of it on my Instagram feed. I love that it's just in your face and makes a statement from the minute you pull it out of your bag.

Well that's going to be the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed everything in the box.

Like I mentioned in the video, I am an OURS ambassador, so I have a coupon code for you.

Use the code BORN to save 15% on your lifetime subscription.

As always, thank you all for joining me on my journey of learning to love myself and live holistically as a black woman.

See you next time, 


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