Green Beauty and Holistic Lifestyle Favorites x Holistic Melanin | January 2017

So it's that time of the month again!

I'm going to be sharing the things that I've been loving this month. 

As always, I'll leave the video and links to everything down below.

So, let's get into it.


Radical Self Love x Gala Darling

I've been working on this book for a few months. I would pick it up, and then put it down.  Then pick it up and put it back down.  Finally something told me that it was time to finish the book.  I love that she didn't write this book in a way that would push away the every day woman.  It really gave me some insight on some issues that I have been carrying around from my past, and how I can make myself number 1. You can find the link to her book here:

The YUSA Guide to Balance

I have been reading this book for about a year.  And when I first bought it, things just didn't resonate with me, so I put it down.  In reality, I just wasn't in the right place for the knowledge in this book to help me shape my life.  Some of this is still too deep for me at times, but as my mind, heart and spirit develop, things fall into place. A huge thank you to Holistic Heather for making me pick this book back up again. You can find the link to this book here:

Toasted Almond and Yoga Tea x Capital Teas

I flippin love tea! I love how it soothes me and helps me relax after a long day at work. This are two that are currently in heavy rotation in my nightly tea rituals.  They're delicious. While they are on the more pricey side, you get discounts on your refills if you bring the tin back to the store.  Saves money and waste. You can find the links to the teas here:


Hair Dew x Oyin Handmade

Every time I attempt to walk away from the leave-in conditioner, it just pulls me back. And with good reason.  It's creamy, moisturizing and smells bomb AF. There's really nothing else I can say about it. I've got my mom, dad, sister, grandmother and boyfriend using it. Run down to your local target and pick this up. Or you can order it here:

Calming Whipped Shea Butter (Vanilla) x Satiable Peace

So it says vanilla, but my boyfriend and I have renamed it cake. It makes you smell like a yellow cake it baking in the oven, no joke.  This stuff keeps my skin from looking like the Sahara Desert. And it's also fantastic for massages. You can find the link to this deliciously scented body butter here:

Chasin' Unicorns

I happen to love aromatherapy. It's one of the easiest ways for me to relax when I come home from work.  Aromatherapy and tea. Even though I haven't had the chance to use the bath bombs, I am still able to tell you about the brand as a whole. The women behind Chasin' Unicorns are amazingly sweet. The essential oil blend is on point! I cannot recommend it enough. You can check out their store here:

My Boyfriend

His spirit is so gentle and loving.  He supports me in everything that I do or plan to do, and he is the pillar that I lean on when I'm sad or having an anxiety attack. I truly feel blessed to have him in my life and thank the Universe each day for him.

Blushious Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color (Wild Rose) x Pacifica

I picked this blush up on a whim because I wanted to change up my products.  I always thought I couldn't wear blush because of my birthmark, but I learned that with the right placement, I can wear blush whenever it suits me.  This color is so beautiful and doesn't leave me looking glittery. I picked this up from my local ulta, but you can buy it here:

Indigenous Destiny

This woman is what I aspire to be like when I grow up.  She has such a wonderful laid back energy in all of her videos and she's super easy to talk to. She also has an amazing voice. It warms my heart to see someone like her pursuing her dreams.  I know her gifts will take her far in life. I feel I would be able to count her as one of my closest friends if we were to meet in person. Go leave her channel and soundcloud some love. You can find her here and here

So that's the end of my January Favorites. 

s always, thank you all for joining me on my journey of learning to love myself and live holistically as a black woman

See you next time, 


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