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Since it is the beginning of the year, I thought I would share my goals and intentions for 2017. 

My view of holistic living is normally broken down into three separate areas (mind, body and spirit), but I've been inspired by Raquelle (theholisticblogger) and her most recent video. So I'm going to set holistic new year's resolutions.

A holistic resolution is a resolution that will help you bring balance to and enhance all areas of life (AKA the big 3: mind, body and spirit). 

So in her video, Raquelle laid out 10 different areas to create resolutions for, with the requirement that you create at a minimum of six to count as holistic. If you were to only make just one goal, then you'd only be focusing on one aspect of your life.  Holistic living is about striving to create balance among all areas in your life.

So one goal = one aspect ≠ no bueno.

So I spent time in deep thought about what I want to manifest in my life in 2017. I set my intentions and went forward with the notion of being able to make goals that will bring balance to my body, mind and spirit as well as fully embody my intentions.

My intentions for 2017 are:

  • self-love
  • positivity

So now that you know my intentions, I'll let you in on my goals:


  1. create and follow a morning self-care routine
  2. create and follow a night time self-care routine
  3. be more comfortable in my own body and wear what makes me feel good (excluding work clothes)
  4. work on my short temper/anger problem
  5. release my attachment to the past
  6. find new ways to show my boyfriend how much I love and appreciate him
  7. explore new activities


  1. find and connect with a spirituality that makes me feel good and strongly connected to the Divine (may need to mix and match to find what feels good)
  2. establish a 5-10 minute daily meditation practice 
  3. read 2 chapters from a spiritual book each week (and if it does not resonate with my spirit then discard it)
  4. journal each day and write three gratitude statements (cannot be the same as the previous day)
  5. create a daily spiritual practice


  1. speak to my family in a more gentle, loving and less angry voice
  2. improve my relationship with my sister
  3. improve my relationship with my mother
  4. call parents twice a week, sister once


  1. establish meaningful connections with people on similar paths as myself
  2. establish a sisterhood with other women where we can share our feelings and depend on each other for support
  3. distance myself from those that are not on the same path that I am 
  4. try a new group activity once a month
  5. use social media to connect with individuals and brands that share the same holistic and green beauty values that I do


  1. pay off remainder of credit card debt by may 11th 2017
  2. save $3000
  3. carry a minimum of $60 emergency cash at all times
  4. live within my financial means


  1. yoga once a day (can be a class or at home) six days a week
  2. pilates 3x per week
  3. cardio 3 times a week
  4. 2 meatless days per week
  5. fully embrace a pescatarian lifestyle 
  6. get a dentist
  7. get a doctor that I am comfortable with to express my concerns
  8. drink one smoothie per day (mix it up)
  9. only speak about my body with loving and positive language
  10. shape and tone my body through various forms of exercise
  11. become physically stronger 
  12. be able to run one mile
  13. learn to swim
  14. get 7 hours of sleep
  15. discard any of the previous goals if they no longer resonate with my soul
  16. get to know my yoni better


  1. read two pleasure books per month
  2. maintain a B in all of my classes
  3. complete all schoolwork by thursday so that I can devote time to blogging
  4. learn a new word each day

Well these are all of my goals for 2017.  I only made goals for the areas that I really wanted to focus on for this year. So after looking over my original list, I realized that my career goal (get to work 10 minutes early every day) didn't really resonate with me. So I dropped it.

Let me know some of your goals for 2017.

If you want me to go more in depth about my goals, feel free to ask.

As always, thank you all for joining me on my journey of learning to love myself and live holistically as a black woman

See you next time, 




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