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Learning to live holistically is a new opportunity to grow and change. With change comes opportunities to try something new and get rid of some things that no longer serve me. So here are some of the things I picked up to add to my life.

The Well Life | Briana and Dr. Peter Borten

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This was recommended to me as a kindle book by Amazon.  I decided to pick it up in paperback because I like the smell of books.  The lotus design spoke to me, being as it symbolizes change  The Well Life seems to be a book about balancing the different areas of your life and how to add more joy into the things that you do. I'm four chapters in. I'll post about this in an update soon.


The Green Beauty Rules | Paige Padgett

It's no secret that I love makeup. I love being able to enhance my natural features or conceal a flaw (like acne). So discovering that a lot of my favorite brands use ingredients that probably aren't the best for me kinda sucked.  Enter "The Green Beauty Rules". This book lays out what switches you can make in your beauty routine in order to do better for yourself and the planet.  It even breaks down green beauty into three distinct categories (I'm in category one. Still learning and getting my feet wet). This book has put the wind back in my makeup loving sails.  I can't wait to change up more of the items I'm using.

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream | Baking Soda Free | Grapefruit

So I have been on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant for a few years, and I think I've finally narrowed it down to two. The first is this deodorant cream from Meow Meow Tweet. I have a sensitivity to baking soda so I was happy to find a deodorant that doesn't have that particular ingredient. It's super creamy and doesn't dry my delicate skin out. This is the mini and I know I'll be picking up the full size.

In-Shower Moisturizer, Cocoa Me Up Eczema Cream & Travel Size Aluminum Free Deodorant | Lotus Organics

The eczema cream is amazing. It smells slightly chocolatey and has a really smooth and creamy consistency. A little goes a very long way and it will last me quite a long time. I love the fact that when I am working out, I can smell the deodorant working. And the size is so cute! I was only able to use the moisturizer twice before I ran out, but it left my skin super soft and touchable even in this 19 degree weather.

Blemish Clearing Cleanser and Serum | Juice Beauty

I've used Juice Beauty a few times before I started taking my skincare and what I was putting onto my skin more seriously.  Since jumping into holistic living and green beauty with both feet, I picked up a new cleanser and serum.  Turns out my old ones were still good, but since they're almost gone I already have backups.  The entire blemish clearing line is designed for oily, combination and blemish prone skin so it's perfect for me. Yet it isn't harsh on my sensitive skin.  These two products work amazingly.

Imperialis | LUSH

I have been looking for the perfect moisturizer for a while.  I was originally using the Magical Moringa from Lush, but it didn't work well with other items in my skincare routine. I've been using a sample size of Imperialis for a few weeks and finally bought the full size.  This makes my skin feel soft without making me feel oily.  My skin feels balanced I don't feel oily or dry in my usual places.  A bonus is that this product is vegan.

Moisture Wash | Honey Pot Fresh

Queen's Wash | Ashley's Naturals

Cucumber & Witch Hazel Towelettes | Box Naturals

I've done multiple videos on my feminine care favorites, so I will leave that playlist linked here.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLzo0H46VJSrs0-lSNCfvwFBjSkSOCv_g5&w=560&h=315]

Goddess Oracle Cards | Doreen Virtue

After staring at these cards in my wish list on amazon for 3 years, I finally ordered them.  I feel that doing the readings helps me to become better connected as to why I feel a certain way about any given situation.  The meanings of the cards give you enough to be able to figure out what they mean to you. My reading about changing my lifestyle and starting down this path gave me the courage to really strive for what I believe in.

Well this is the end of my haul. If you made it to the end, I wish you nothing but the abikity to meet all of your goals in 2017. 

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