Learning to Live Holistically | the holBOX

The past few months has been all about working to balance my body and change my life.  Losing my academic standing was actually a wake up call for me.  In my effort to help my roommate, I neglected myself.  I gained weight, my skin started to look bad, my locs looked less than healthy and I just wasn't happy.  As I went through the process to regain my academic standing and began a new relationship, I started to take a look at my life and looked for ways to balance myself. This was my introduction into Holistic Living.

Holistic Living can be defined as: A lifestyle is that aims to achieve an inner balance of mind, body, and spirit, using natural healing methods.

I began to change what I ate, work out 4 times a week, drink more water and green tea (nourish my system and get rid of my Starbucks habit), and aimed for 7-8 hours of sleep (I was sleeping about 9-10 hours). I also cut my locs off. I slowly made these changes, but I still felt that I needed some guidance. 

Then I found the holBOX.

The holBOX is a Black Owned "monthly subscription service for women seeking to transition into living holistically."

The manifestation of Grace Kolawole, what holBOX does is allow people interested in holistic living to get their feet wet. Since holBOX hit two important criteria for me when it comes to shopping (Black Owned and Holistic), I reached out to them about becoming a #hbdclh (holBOX Dope Chick Living Holistically).  I'm so glad to have been given such an amazing opportunity to work with holBOX and learn to care for myself in a more well rounded manner.

Inside my ankara wrap were 4 products:

  • Wheat Grass Powder (Organic)
  • Dandelion Tincture (Organic)
  • Cleansing Tea
  • Colon Detoxifier

I'm probably most excited about the Wheat Grass Powder.  I know wheat grass is good for neutralizing toxins in the body, and helping balance the system.  One of my biggest struggles is eating balanced meals.  It's really easy for me to overload my plate with protein and miss out on some vital veggies.  This is mainly because I'm not the one that does the grocery shopping.  So I think it will be great to add this powder to my daily routine.  It will also help me to add in one extra glass of water. 

Like I mentioned in the video (scroll to the bottom), I've tried the poop tea trend, so I'm a little worried about the Cleansing Tea. However, I feel that most of those tea companies just slap what they think will work together and don't take into account the long term effects it can have on a persons body.  This tea seems to spell out exactly how it should be used and for how long.  

Overall, I'm looking forward to using everything in the wrap and seeing the positive changes in my body and in my mood.  Everything is interconnected, so changing one area can help boost the others for the better.  Ultimately my journey is about becoming the best version of my self possible.

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