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Things I'm Testing Out in February

I'm venturing into minimalism thanks to Marie Kondo and getting rid of the things that don't bring me joy. In doing this, I'm getting myself and my space up. I've already decluttered my makeup, and skincare of things that weren't working for me. But I don't have anything to replace them with. I would like to create a capsule makeup and skincare collection ( I got this idea from Tiffany DeSilva).

Locs Again? Beginning My Loc Journey Again

Hey Light Tribe,

So I made a quick video explaining why I decided to begin my loc journey again. I'll put it down below. 

My locs are a part of my journey and so I'm going to add loc updates here once in a blue moon. Maybe what I am doing with my locs can be inspiration for someone. Or maybe you might decide to loc your hair. You never know.

So on top of crystals, essential oils, plant-based living, clothing, green beauty and everything else I post here, you'll also be getting posts about how I take care of myself and my locs. 

Battle of the Natural Deodorants (Baking Soda Free) | Holistic Melanin

Hey Holistic Light Beings!


How many of you want to switch to natural deodorant but don't know where to start? Well don't worry, I'm here to help.

Now these deodorants are suited for people that have baking soda sensitivity or sensitive skin in general. Thanks to using a deodorant that was too strong for me, I developed a sensitivity to baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). So I cannot use natural deodorant with baking soda or my armpits breakout with a painful rash after a few uses. 

So all the deodorants listed here are baking soda free. So if you sweat a lot, or you know you need the baking soda, you might want to check out some alternatives for these ones. 

So let's get smelly. Or unsmelly really.